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SUSHI ROLL     ( Ask for hard roll)

R1.Cucumber Roll    4.25

R2.Avocado Roll    4.25

R3.Crab Stick Roll    5.00

R4.Shrimp Roll    5.00

R5.Salmon Roll    5.25

R6.California Roll    5.45

R7.Sweet Potato Roll    4.25

R8.Vegetable Roll    5.45

R9.Tuna roll    5.25

R10.Tuna Cucumber Roll    6.00

R11.Alaska Roll    5.95

R12.Tuna Avocado Roll    6.00

R13. Salmon Avocado Roll    6.00

R14.Salmon Cucumber Roll    6.00

R15.Philly Roll    5.95

R16.Spicy Tuna Roll    6.00

R17.Spicy Salmon Roll    6.00

R18.Spicy Yellowtail Roll    6.00

R19.Spicy Crab Roll    5.25

R20.Eel Cucumber Roll    5.95

R21.Eel Avocado Roll    5.95

R22.Shrimp Tempura Roll    5.95

R23.Spicy Scallop Roll    5.95

R24.Oshinko Roll    3.50

R25.Crab Tempura Roll    4.95

R26.Salmon Skin Roll    4.95

R27.Yellowtail  Scallion Roll    5.25

R28.Crab&Cream Cheese Roll (Deep Fried)    5.95

R29.Crab Meat&Avocado Roll (Deep Fried)    5.95

R30.Red Snapper&Cream Cheese(Deep Fried)    5.95

R31.Avocado & Cream Cheese Roll(Deep Fried)    5.95



SR1.Spider Roll    10.95

Fried Soft Shell crab w.crab stick,cucumber,mayonnaise.

SR2.Sex on the Beach   (soy paper)    14.95

Shrimp tempura & spicy tuna inside,Topped tuna,salmon and  avocado,Tobiko,Cilantro,Spicy mayo sauce.

SR3.Dragon Roll    10.95

Eel,cucumber,outside avocado.

SR4.Volcano Roll (hot)    12.95

Spicy tuna,avocado,tempura,flake,outside spicy chili sauce.

SR5.Shogun roll    13.95

Tempura shrimp,tuna,eel,avocado,tobiko on top.

SR6.Lucky Girl Roll    14.95

Spicy tuna,salmon,avocado inside,topped eel,avocado,salmon roe  with eel sauce and wasabi sauce.

SR7.Golden Roll    12.95

Spicy tuna,shrimp tempura inside,crabmeat,avocado on top.

SR8.Temptation Roll    14.95

CK tempura ,cream cheese and avocado inside,topped lobster salad  with spicy mayo,eel sauce and  fish egg.

SR9.Tiger roll    12.95

Spicy shrimp,crabmeat inside,salmon,white tunaon top.

SR10.Out Of Control Roll    12.95

Shrimp tempura and avocado inside,topped spicy tuna,eel sauce.

SR11.New York Roll    12.95

Spicy scallop,cruch inside,white tuna,eel,avocado on top.

SR12.Spicy mexican Hat Roll  (hot)    15.95

Spicy cruch scallop and avocado inside,topped with yellowtail,frensh jafapeno and hot chili sauce.

SR13.Lobster roll    17.95

Tempura lobster,crab stick,cucumber inside,lobster salad and Avocado on top.

SR14.Crazy Friday Roll  (soy paper) (hot)    13.95

Spicy cruch salmon and cream cheese deep fried,topped spicy cruch Tuna, tobiko with eel sauce,spicy mayo,hot sauce on the side.

SR15.Spider  wing  Roll    13.95

Soft shell crab tempura,cream cheese inside,spicy tuna,eel sauce on The top.

SR16.Scorpio Roll    16.95

Soft shell crab tempura,spicy cruch crab inside,topped lobster salad

With  tobiko,eel sauce.

SR17.Jody Roll    12.95

Spicy tuna&yellowtail inside,spicy crab&crunch on top.

SR18.Broadview Roll    12.95

Tempura crab meat&avocado inside,eel&crab meat on top.

SR19.Fantastic  Roll    12.95

Deep fried red snapper and cream cheese,avocado inside,topped

Spicy tuna,cilantro,eel sauce and spicy mayo sauce.

SR20.Pink Laddy Roll   (soy paper)    12.95

Spicy salmon,avocado,crab meat inside,warp with soy paper.

SR21.Rocky Shrimp Roll    14.95

Shrimp tempura,cucumber inside,topped steam shrimp and Avocado ,eel sauce,crunch.

SR22.Ocean Roll    13.95

Spicy crab,crab tempura inside,tuna,scallion on top.

SR23.Tempura Roll  (Deep Fried)    9.95

Smoked salmon,cream cheese,avocado.

SR24.Boston Roll    12.95

Crunch&cream cheese inside,salmon&tuna on top.

SR25.Special Volcano Roll    13.95

California roll top with baked crabmeat,shrimp,scallop&tobiko.

SR26.New Moon Roll    12.95

Fried spicy tuna roll with crabmeat,salmon,scallion,tobiko,spicy Mayo on top.

SR27.Kenny Roll    12.95

Tempura red snapper and avocado inside,spicy crab on top.

SR28.Seafood Tempura Roll (Deep Fried)   12.95

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail,cream cheese,avocado.

SR29.Dancing Eel Dragon 13.95

Spicy crunch crab meat,avocado,cucumber inside,topped eel and Avocado with eel sauce.

SR30.518 Roll     12.95

Chicken tempura,avocado inside,topped spicy crabmeat,eel sauce And spicy mayo sauce.

SR31.SEMO Roll    12.95

Red snapper,spicy crunch,avocado inside,topped spicy salmon with Eel sauce and spicy mayo.

SR32.Naruto Roll(No Rice)    14.95

Tuna,yellowtail,salmon,avocado and tobiko warapped in thin Cucumber with ponzu sauce.

SR33.CAPE Roll     12.95

Spicy tuna roll top with baked scallop &tobiko.

SR34.FUJI Roll     (Deep Fried)     12.95

Crabmeat,cream cheese,avocado,scallion&masago.

SR35.Happy Roll     12.95

Spicy crabmeat,crunch , avocado inside,spicy crabmeat,shrimp&scallion on top.

SR36.Red Bird Roll    12.95

Shrimp,avocado&cream cheese inside,spicy crabmeat on top.

SR37.Kani Roll   12.95

Shrimp tempura&cream cheese inside,Crabmeat&avocado on top.

SR38.Snow Mountain Roll      13.95

Yellowtail ,spicy crunch salmon inside, white tuna,cream cheese On top.

SR39.Orange Roll    14.95

Salmon deep fried,spicy crunch salmon inside,topped salmon,avocado with spicy mayo sauce.

SR40.Red Drgon Roll (hot)    13.95

Egg cake,jalapeno,cream cheese inside deep fried, toppped crunch,Fresh salmon  and tobiko,spicy hot sauce,spicy mayo.

*SR41.Moonlight roll   15.95

Shrimp tempura,cucumber inside,topped seared pepper tuna, Scallion,yuzu sauce.

SR42.Singnature Roll    12.95

Salmon,cream cheese,avocado inside,crunch,tobiko on top.

SR43.New Shogun Roll       14.95

Tempura shrimp,spicy tuna inside, salmon, tuna,eel, avocado, tobiko.

SR44.Monkey Roll  12.95

Spicy crunch crabmeat,avocado,cream cheese inside, topped deep fried banana with eel sauce.

SR.45. Twin Tuna Roll      13.95

Crabmeat, avocado, cream cheese inside, tuna white tuna on top.

SR46.Crazy Salmon Roll  14.95

Spicy salmon, avocado inside, salmon, smoke salmon, spicy mayo Sauce.

SR47.Jessie Roll   12.95

Shrimp tempura,crabmeat inside, smoke salmon, shrimp. avocado Outside.

SR48.St  Louis Roll  12.95

Shrimp ,crabmeat, octopus, avocado spicy mayo inside, tuna , white tuna ouside.

*SR49.Shogun Cape Roll   (Aburi Roll)15.95  

Spicy tuna, avocado inside, Roasted white tuna, jack cheese on the Top, with spicy mayo sauce.

*SR50.Salmon Lover Roll  (Aburi Roll)   15.95

Spicy salmon,egg cake inside, Roasted salmon, tobiko, spicy mayo.

*SR51.Danny’s Roll  (Aburi Roll)  15.95

Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber inside, Roasted red sanpper, jack Cheese, scallion on top, with eel sauce, spicy mayo sauce.

SR52.Crytal Roll(hot)    15.95

Tempura shrimp, spicy crunch crabmeat inside, red snapper, jalapeno on top, with spicy mayo, hot sauce.

SR53.Red Devil Roll(hot)    15.95

Shrimp tempura and avocado inside, spicy tuna, salmon on top Eel sauce, hot sauce.

SR54.Liz Roll   12.95

Shrimp tempura, avocado inside, spicy crabmeat on top.

SR55.Mango Roll    12.95

Shrimp tempura & spicy crab inside top w.mago &eel sauce.

SR56.Paul Roll    13.95

Shrimp tempura, avocado inside, top w.lobster salad and four Kids of fish eggs.

SR57.Salmon  Dream Roll(soy paper)    12.95

Shrimp , crab stick, avocado&cream cheese inside, baked salmon on top .

SR58.Sushi Sandwish (soy paper)    10.95

Spicy tuna, avocado, sipy crab warp with soy paper.

SR59.Hawaii Beach    12.95

Spicy crab, cream cheese,avocado inside, top with white tuna, Four kids fish eggs.

SR60.Luxury Roll (hot)    15.95

Tuna, salmon and avocado inside, topped with yellowtail and Jalapeno, hot sauce.

SR61.Tokyo Roll     16.95

Lobster salad inside, topped with avocado, eel and sweet Shrimp, eel sauce.

SR62.Superman roll     17.95

Lobster tempura and spicy crab inside, topped with eel and eel sauce.

SR63.Sunset Roll    12.95

Shrimp tempura and cream cheese inside, topped with Salmon, mango and spicy mayo.

SR64.Ayame  Roll  (hot) 12.95

Spicy crab and avocado inside,topped with salmon,eel,hot Sauce and spicy mayo sauce.

SR65.Rainbow Roll     10.95

Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, Avocado, Cucumber, Crab meat.

SR66.Marine Roll   12.95

Marine Roll avocado,tobiko,tuna,scalon,deep fried roll.

SR67.Crazy Roll  12.95

Tobiko,crab stick,avocado,red snapper,deep-fried roll.

SR68.Spicy Red Dragon 12.95

Avocado,cucumber,ed w.spicy sauce.

SR69.Ebiten Roll 11.95

Shrimp tempura,tamago,avocado,cucumber.

SR70.Snow White Roll 12.95

White tuna,crabmeat w.spicy mayo inside,white tuna,avocado on top.

SR71.Magic Roll 12.95

Tempura salmon,cucunmber inside topped w.shrimp & avocaido.

SR72.Spicy Jumbo Roll 14.95

Tuna,shrimp,crab meat,red snappsr,avocado,cucumber,oshinko.

SR73.Asian Special Roll 17.95

Sushi rice based,baked scallop,shrimp&crab meat top w.variety of veg side&soup.salad (Entree)

SR74.Hank Roll 11.95

Salmon,crab meat,cream cheese,avocado,crunch.

SR75.Geisha Roll 12.95

Eel & crab meat inside,spicy tuna on top.

SR76.Cali Sashimi(N R) 11.95

Crab meat, shrimp,tuna,avocado,cucumber,ponzu sauce on top.

SR77.Sa-Sa R(Soy Paper) Small 10.95/ Large 15.95

Tempura shrimp,salmon,cucumber,avocado,crab meat, tolbilko.

SR78.Lucky Roll 13.95

Shrimp tempura inside,eel & avocado on top.

SR79.Abby Roll 11.95

Spicy shrimp & crunch inside,salmon & cream cheese on top.

SR80.Orange Dragon Roll 12.95

Spicy sirimp & spicy salmon inside,salmon & tobiko on top.

SR81.Yammi Yammi Crunch Roll 10.95

Crunch,mayo & masago inside,shrimp on top.

SR82.Sake Roll 13.95

Spicy salmon inside,shrimp,salmon,white tuna,avocado on top.

SR83.Head Chef Roll 11.95

Crab Tempura,avocado inside,topped with spicy tuna & avocado.

SR84.Fancy Roll 12.95

Spicy tuna,crabmeat inside,eel,avocado outside w.tobiko,eel sauce.

SR85.Mikado Roll 12.95

Spicy tuna w.4 kinds of fish and crunch on top with chef special sauce.

SR86.St Louis Roll 12.95

Shrimp crabmeat,octopus,avocado spicy mayo inside tuna,white tuna outside.

SR87.Spicy Grill Roll 13.95

Eel,cucumber insidec,spicy tuna,avocado on top with eel sauce,masage.

SR88.Coney Island Roll 14.95

Tuna,salmon,yellow tail,white tuna,avocado,caviar wrapped w.cucumber,ponzu sauce.

SR89.Godzilla Roll 11.95

Shrimp tempura inside,spicy tuna outside w.eel sauce.

SR90.Thunder Roll 12.95

Spicy salmon inside,spicy tuna outside in spicy mayo.

SR91.Shogun Decade Roll 12.95

Tuna,yellow on top,spicy tuna,avocado inside w yuzu sauce.

SR92.Passion Roll 12.95

Fried red snapper on top,lobster salad,crab inside w.spicy mayo,eel & wasabi mayo sauce.

SR93.Tosar Roll 12.95

Spicy scallop inside top w.white tuna & avocado tobiko.

SR94.Banana Roll 12.95

Shrimp tempura,cream cheese & banana inside,top with avocado wrap w. soy paper,eel sauce.

SR95.Lava Roll 12.95

Baked salmon,shrimp,crab on top based with spicy tuna avocado roll.

SR96.Ron Roll 12.95

Spicy crab avocado inside,top with spicy tuna,egg cake ahd fish eggs.

SR97.Glory Roll 12.95

Asparagus tempura,shrimp and crab meat inside topped with tuna and avocado.

SR98.Tokyo Roll 16.95

Lobster salad inside,topped with avocado,eel and sweet shrimp.

SR99.Toby Roll  8.95

Spicy tuna,shrimp tempura and avocado inside soy paper,topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo.

SR100.Phoenix Roll  11.95

Jalapeno and lobster salad inside soy paper,topped with spicy crab and golden tobiko.

SR101.Ayame Roll  12.95

Spicy crab and avocado inside,topped with salmon, eel hot sauce and spicy mayo hot sauce.

SR102.Sakura Roll 12.95

Shrimp tempura&cucumber inside,topped w.salmon,tuna,red snapper&avocado eel and spicy mayo.

SR103.Ninja Roll 13.95

Deep-fried salmon,cream cheese,avocado,cucumber&red snapper roll,topped w.spicy mayo,eel sauce,spicy crab,tobiko &crunch.

SR104.Kyoto Roll 13.95

Tempura,red snapper&cream cheese inside,topped w.avocado,eel,white tuna,yellowtail,spicy mayo &eel sauce.

SR105.Pacific Roll 12.95

Tuna tempura and cucumber inside,topped with spicy tuna,avocado,eel sauce and crunch.

SR106.Elsa Roll 13.95

Crab tempura,cucumber and green cheese,topped with spicy crab and eel sauce.

SR107.Anna Roll 14.95

Shrimp tempura,spicy tuna,avocado and cucumber inside soy paper,topped with spicy mayo.

SR108.Lin Roll 14.95

Mango cucumber and avocado inside,soy paper topped w.lobster salad,avocado & tobiko.

SR109.Hot Candice Roll 14.95

Spicy crab,jalapeno and avocado inside soy paper,topped w.tuna,white tuna,eel sauce and extra hot sauce.

SR110.Pink Dragon Fire Roll 13.95

Spicy salmon,cucumber and avocado in side soy paper,topped w.spicy mayo,mango tobiko &crunch.

SR111.Lavra Roll 12.95

Shrimp tempura & cucumber & creem cheese inside topped with red snapper,eel&eel sauce.

SR112.Vivian Roll 12.95

Shrimp tempura,spicy tuna,cucumber inside,topped w.avocado,crab meat,eel sauce and spicy mayo.

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